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try tell tag to my 11-year-old boy. the next time they rushed back to that zoo and their favorite neurotic always lovable polar bear is gone. that's news, that's life, that's sad. goodboy bye, gus. >> this is a fox news alert...welcome to indecision 20 leave e 13. will he, won't he? the president can't seem to make up his mind. >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons used around or utilized. we have looked at all the evidence. we do not believe the opposition possessed nuclear weapons or capital weapons of that sort. we have concluded that the
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syrian government, in fact, carried this out. so what i've said is that we have not yet made a decision. >> so has america lost influence on the world stage due to president obama's flip-floping? this president is knew eve and clearly is learning on the job? what would president reagan do or president bush? i don't think we should be going into syria more than miley cyrus changing positions on the vmas him we need more proof before we kill more people. what say you? >> i say the evidence is pretty clear, one, two. i think that may have been one of the most biassed openings you have ever done. three he has consulted with congress. he has to get the allies on board. the french are going to do it unilaterally. they won't try to take it to their elected officials. i think we got more power to do it. it gives the president enough flexibility to do it. flip-flop, he said it every time
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he said it. it's a red line, when they do something, we'll do something. >> you have to go to congress. >> he has been doing that. >> it's their war. >> he has been doing it? >> he has been consulting to congress, yeah. >> you have to go to congress to get a declaration. >> absolutely. >> or if the country poses imminent threat. what's the imminent threat? >> reagan didn't get it for loeb lebanon. what would reagan do? reagan put 2,000 marines there, 247 died, the highest death toll. >> reagan would do, whatever he did would do would be decisive. my only issue, i don't think we should go. i think we should wait. he needs to be more decisive. should we worry about russia and iran pushing back so hard? >> 100%. i'll tell awe reagan wouldn't do? he wouldn't sit down with judy woodruff and do an interview. he wouldn't have anonymous sources leak a three-day missile strike, because the president said he is not exited to a
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long-term war. so what is the president going to do? he tells us about the setdown twice. a shocker. >> i see. you are supposed to set that down. >> then he draws this red line, in order to save face, he has this do nothing missile strike. >> how do you know he would do nothing? >> bob, the leaks specifically say it is not denied to affect the civil war. it's not designed. >> it's a military target. >> and they're not committed to a long-term warment all i'm going to say is this, this situation makes iraq look like maul potatoes. there is no plan for going in, no plans for follow up. there are three different school of thoughts, bombing the rebel, bombing the infield palace or doing nothingment i think getting involved is a huge%s take on this one. >> a lot of people are say warthog are the rebels? are the rebels on our side or against us? >> i mean the question is, do we have a dog in this fight? we don't, because obama ate it.
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>> ew. >> here's the thing. it's like two thugs fighting in a bar. you don't want to get in the middle of it. you leave the bar. the bar is the middle east. the only thing you do, you go home, you are frapped the held out of your country. you are less dependent on this region. the better off we are, the better we have to worry about this stuff. we shouldn't be wasting lives on other people's war. they're ugly divorces. >> what do you think about israeli? >> i don't know. i don't know. here's my, can i finish this, though? i don't know. i'm amazed at of expertise out there within a week of this. how many people have the answer? there is no answerment there are only bad guys. there are bad guys on every side. there is nobody you can back and, you know what, maybe you just leave. >> maybe. >> some say if we do go, we pick the wrong side, we don't have our facts straight. we actually kill people who were innocent. would create more hatred than there is for america.
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others say, you know what, extremists killing muslims. it isn't necessarily a bad thing for america. >> absolutely. we don't need to create more problems down the road. as andrea pointed out, what if we bomb the air fields? do we leave? do we stay? what's the next step? i think we're forgetting, if we have to go and do something, we have to do it quickly with force. we have seen reports that obama kind of wants to strike and not get mocked for what he's doing. just to show enough muscle that's not embarrassing to him and his red line, but shows we do something with really no end game for the united states. >> you said we have to do it quickly? >> i said he's going to actually make a strike. if he makes the decision, we need to point out, he hasn't. he said, we know he hasn't made this decision to go in. if he goes in, do we, we need to go in, get it done. the reason it lasted so long, we're in there, not getting the
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george bush done. you either do it or you don't, on the side of backing off and waiting, there is 116 bipartisan, we sent a letter to president obama asking him to wait. president obama isn't on the hill meeting with people. he will be there tonight. he hasn't been there all week or the past year. and this is something they're saying you need to slow down because there are implications for what we're going to do here. >> it's hard to figure out where we're going to start. first of all, you are saying these islamists are killing -- >> women and children are on the line, they're dying. >> some say muslim extremists killing muslim extremists. >> their children are in the hospital. be i the way, iraq, we lost 10,000 people in iraq and spent trillions of dollars. >> we don't know who is doing it. we are hearing through a report that israel, it's the syrian government. we don't know that for sure. can we listen, this is axelrod saying, describing the difference between syria and iraq.
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>> this is no different than iraq because there is visual evidence that everyone has paid a broad consensus here. i don't think you are facing the same kind of skepticism that there was nor iraq where the weapons of mass destruction were used as a justification for an attack. clearly, something happened here, something dramatic. and the president feels he has to act. >> skepticism. what skepticism? we had our allies with us. we had the u.n. with us. we had their former secretary of state hillary clinton who voted for the war in iraq t. proof is there. we are not going to debate iraq right now. but if we get involved in this, it will be iraq on steroids, a proxy war with iran, a proxy war with russia. by the way, did anyone see what happened in the british parliament last night? the memberings told david camm ron, no way. he calls the white house and says, sorry, you have to go out on a loan if you want to. i hate to say it, but president obama is a huge nars cyst, this is all about him, all about his
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red line. it's a pr stuvenlt it is a very small missile thing to make him look good. >> you are saying evans was there in iraq. we when to the war -- they didn't show up? they lost 10,000 -- people and at a war that should not have happened. >> your party voted for them. >> that's not the point. the evidence was not in. it was wrong. >> there was mass grave sites, 10, 20. >> there were no weapons of mass destruction. we didn't find it, did we? >> saddam hussein was killing people. >> i think the point they're trying to make, bob, there was consensus on wmds. it turns out they might be wrong. that's the point we need to make here. you don't need to scream and yell about it. can i use a sports metaphor, essentially the united states is referee who penalizes a team for an infraction t. infraction is the use of gas. the bombing is a 15-yard penalty. the question is, do these penalties, like in a normal
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football game make the game longer? it always does. when we get involved in this mess, do we extend or shorten the conflict? it seems to me we shorten the conflict. the red line is a mystery. you are talking about a short-term atrocity. it was ma setties, half a dozen people died from machetes. why wasn't there a red lean for a machete? what difference does it mean that people die? >> can we do this? >> we request have a little fun here. bob said let's go, let's go now. i said let's not go, maybe never go. maybe we go around the table. do we go or not go? >> i don't think we go. i think the lesson here to countries out there do we even bother with wmds. get a nuclear weapon. if you have a nuclear weapon, the united states of america won't mess with you, that is the lesson so far. >> what do you think? go or not go? >> right now i don't have an
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interest in who wins. >> i say no go. we have no clear outline what the interest is here. we don't have a plan, what is the next step, which means we don't know for a while, it will be here short term. not going until congress has more -- >> what do you think the goal -- the goal is clearly to pick up chemical weapons against civilians, one, two, people will die. >> that's right. you said 200 missiles into that country. >> into the military bases, yeah. >> you will kill people. >> bob, can i -- >> you don't want to kill syrian soldiers? >> can i make a defense in a way you will understand. the reason why you don't go in is because of the people that you are helping. true, they are taking out the chemical weapons plants would be a good thing. in the process of hurting assad, you are helping al qaeda. i don't like the idea of working side-by-side of people who fly planes into our buildings. it's called reporting. >>:is clear, i can't say
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evidence, reporting, substantial reporting that al qaeda is at least partially ingrained in the rebels. now, if you pick up the military, the rebels come in, al qaeda is a country. they've got chemical weapons. >> which war was that? >> they'll take over the way the muslim brotherhood took over egypt. they'll try to take over suria. >> they did well in libya when we told gadhafi to move over here. >> what did i miss besides benghazi? >> remember that whole benghazi? by the way, al sharyia the terror group that conducted the groups, according to reports are training rebel militia groups in syria. >> we are not taking sides in syria. we are getting rid of the delivery systems killing women and. it's a mandatory thing to do. we should have done in in rwanda, the united states has the capability. we have a moral responsibility to do it. >> why don't we do it sooner, if it is so important to you, bob.
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>> because we didn't have the evidence, that's why. >> i thought. bob makes a good point. >> thank you very much. >> what was it? >> the fact is, if you can do something successfully and sufficiently and surgically, it's a good thing. you have to be careful you don't aid evil people, that's al qaeda. >> you zone don't set a precedent every time there is a problem in a country. we will talk about north korea, will we attack north korea? >> that's my point. north korea killed way more people over a longer people times, less creatively so we don't pay as much attention. >> we have three suspects from the brutal bus beating in florida. we'll tell you what happened and our trip to the congo, she will join us live from africa with this truly amazing stories. stick around.
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[ music playing ] >> well, brand-new details on a
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brutal school bus beating in florida. the judge sentenced the teens to indefinite probation with multiple conditions including community service, random drug tests and electronic monitoring with ankle bracelets. the boys must attend anger management classes and were told to stay away from the victim. the victim has transferred schools. she so traumatized he can't get on the bus. this is a sad story. actually the mom of one of the boys who assaulted him brock down because she hadn't seen the video before. you got a teenage son, is this appropriate punishment? >> remember this happened, a couple weeks later, the shooting in oklahoma happened with the underaged 18-year-old. then the beating of shorty in washington, walk, right, under 18. those guys are charged as adults. these kids should have been charged as aduchlt they got probation and community service for beating a kid almost to the
2:18 pm
edge of life? i mean, that's assenine, they should at least be spending some time in jail. come on, give me a break. he could have died. >> bob, you got a son as well. >> i find, a, i would try them as adults. they're probably too far away from the age only just 14. but the idea that they're getting -- now they say unlimited parole. i don't buy that. what you need to do is put them in jail. anger management? do you think that's going to help that? these guys will walk out of there and become mother theresas? i doubt it. >> katie, what message does this say to other kids out there? this seems loo ache light punishment. >> we talked about this on show before, other instances of young men like this getting in trouble with the law. a lot are previous criminal records. >> these light sentences, not spending life in jail, creates the idea they don't care very much. they know the costs will be
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great. in this particular case it will serve bicker problems, we have this culture in our schools now, there is a bad thing to tell adults when something is wrong. i think that we have to encourage people to stand up for the guy who is getting beating on the bus and to condemn the behavior of the guys beating him. unless that changes, we won't see anything else change. >> what do you think, greg? >> you know what gets me angry? anger management, it lets others off the hook. you no what this is? this is a consequence of a generation of mockery of traditional structural values. what gave us this beating is also what gave us miley cyrus, which is a society that happily forfeits the structure of well-being and survival. once adults stop acting like adults, how can you expect kids to stop acting like kids, normal kids? >> can i play the grandma? this is compelling sound. this is the victim's grandma who is driving her grandson to school and from school every day because he's too scared to get
2:20 pm
on a bus. >> to hear him saying, "stop! stop skwm" it breaks my heartment i would have been in the middle of it. no matter what policy said. that's my killed. i can't stand by and watch somebody get hurt. those children, for lack of a better term, have to realize that they can be up on murder charges right now. they could have killed him. >> very quickly. i know we got to move on. here's what you do, when you gulf these kids anger management and probation, they know if they're under 18, they can pull this stuff and get away with it. they will get a get out of jail card at 18, that's a bad idea. you have to send a message to kids under 18, they can't get away with this stuff. >> they should have mandated that that video be shown in school. here's the punishment if you do the same exact thing. moving on, a montana judge is
2:21 pm
now defending himself against a decision to sentence a teacher for just 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old who later committed suicide. now, the judge's defense was the girl was an old 14 and that she was more sexual for her age. here is the judge trying to explain his assenine behavior. >> ladies and gentlemen, in the rambo sentencing, i made references to the victim's age and control and i'm not sure what i was attempting to say at that point. but it didn't come out correct. what i said was the meetings all women, not what i believe in. and irrelevant to the sentence, i owe all our citizens an apology. >> was it irrelevant to the sentencing, though, greg? because he sentenced the 49-year-old teacher at the time. she was only 14, now he's 54. to 15 years in prison and then
2:22 pm
said, no, never mind, 30 days. >> yeah, i don't understand any part of this case whatsoever. i have, i mean, it's just, everything is absurd. so i almost have no opinion other than it's absolutely absurd. i don't get the sentence. specific, there is a piece missing here. i don't get it. he blamed the victim. it's time for judge todd to maybe step down. >> it's not a question of stepping down. he'll be down and out. this isn't an elected judge. they're all out to stand for elections. i guarantee you, you wouldn't put a dime on this guy's chance to get re-elected. >> a 14-year-old girl, they do characterize that as rain. 15 years down to 30 days. it's a disgrace. >> they gave him a credit for the time he had spent in jail t. things that drives me crazy about these cases with young women, they turn into the victim when they're not adults. especially when they're under the age of 18, they make us feel
2:23 pm
sorry for these. they talk about how he lost his career and he's carrying around the scarlet letter and his marriage is ruined, therefore, 30 days will be fine. these guys deserve more than that. it's disgusting they keep upholding this. especially in the legal system when the judge is condemning it. >> this is what i don't understand, what was his explaination for 30 days? >> he was treatable. it was a low risk case in terms of being a re-offender. >> he did. he was supposed to cut a plea deal, where he wasn't supposed to go near young kids, he ended up back in jail. now the judge is letting him off again. what a sick, sick, sick man. all right. ahead on the five, a new twist in miley cyrus' classy performance. what did her dad think about it? his answer will probably surprise you and perhaps thanks to miley, a new word has been added to the dictionary. >> the word twerking has now been added to the oxford
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♪ >>. >> the miley cyrus story isn't over just yet. yesterday, she tweeted her dad's thoughts on exercise in modesty. miley, in twerking would have been invested and i had a bum finger i would have done the same thing you did, dad, nice to see him supporting her. good to see he's behind her in a wholesome way. the story isn't the tweet, what happened after it was retweeted 51,000 times, that's the population of a college town,
2:29 pm
essentially anything that comes out of miley's brain comes out through mass culture. stupidity is not contagious. we sure love to pass it around. a worry we can become dummerston. i can stop worrying. i should stop whining. they write that the other brainy bombshell katy perry has 6 million for followers than our president. on the same day as the mtv music awards, taty perry retweeted an endorsement of obamacare to more than 41 million people. that's more than poland, canada, bob's bedroom, katy's tweet was predictable as miley's forced sexuality. it might be time for conservatives to rethink their relationship with that world, true idiots run the asylum. it might not be bad to make some of them ours. >>. it didn't break bob.
2:30 pm
so i think it might be a good idea to get an expert to explain it through the voice of morgan freeman. >> the word twerking has now been added to the oxford dictionary. here's the definition they gave. to dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip move him and the low squatting dance. >> twerking. you know, twerking. >> that's the first time i ever heard of it. >> what? that's not true. you said it on the golf course yesterday. >> i did? >> was i soib sober? >> andrea, a lot of outrageous news coming from this story. the maker of the phone is deeply upset over the version of his iconic creation by the young woman and don't you agree what she's done? she should be impeached.
2:31 pm
>> in his words, a cultural phone icon, the phone finger. on miley's dad defending her, i always think it's weird when dads back up the sex waemt of their daughters, like sydney weather, anthony weiner's paramour. her dad was in the studio, i think that's creepy. it's very odd to me. it says something about society. why is it that we can't let any of the former disney stars have one shred of innocence left? britty, christina, miley. we have to destroy them, watch them become unglued on stage. we toss them away when they're like fat and unpopular. what's wrong with us? >> the original musketeers, annette would be my favorite. they turned out a all right. now i'm going to say twerking is what i think. it's provocative, well, what is different from provocatively dancing sexually than the other dance you got, two, what did she
2:32 pm
do with that finger? >> i can't talk about it. >> you have to watch it, bob, then you will understand. >> i did watch it. i picked up the fact that she had a finger. oh, i see, glad you laugh now. forget about it. all right. sorry. >> can i be more brilliant? >> i don't know. parental support is a good thing. you know like what your mom would say, if your best friend jumped off a bridge, would you? in this case, he'd say, yes, she did a stupid thing. >> he's supposed to be the adult in the conversation. she not only made a fool of herself in front of everyone, now people are telling her fiancee maybe he should leave her to save his own career. have you people like justin timberlake saying, she's just growing up. let her express herself. you can grow up without overly exmining yourself to the public
2:33 pm
to prove a point. cease very talented. >> she is. >> she didn't show it. >> she used to be mortal wanted than her twerking days. i'm on teen kelly clarkson, it was a bunch of pitchy strippers at the vmas. i'm glad other celebrities were condemning this type of behavior. >> you were so outraged by the video, you watched it 30 or 40 times. >> two things. number one, there is a pos tf outcome from this twerking. more raonic tv hosts trying to twerk. that's great t. other one is, you noticed the other word entered into the oxford dictionary? >> wait. >> oh. >> think about this. why would he do this? this is a ghie takes liberty with the achy breaky heart. that was one of the worst songs ever put in music.
2:34 pm
>> i don't think we should take note of anyone sw a mullet. i have to say, i have twerked before. i understand, bob. you are such a dirty old man. the morgan freeman said this was the definition of it. you are owning up to it. >> bob, a mull set a haircut with a business in the front, parted in the back, kind of like miley. >> up next, talk about a bitter ex, from north korea about the dictator kim john un. what he did to his exgirlfriend. it wasn't pretty. details next on the five. don't go away. . zblmpls .
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>> right. now for a disturbing report from north korea, dictator kim jong un reportedly had a girlfriend executed by firing squad. she was condemned for allegedly making a sex tape. the good friend dennis rodman who conveniently visited the country isn't buying the story. he came to his defense in an interview with huffington post live today. >> did he order anything like that? because i would give anything, every time we see him on tv, he's never talking. they control them. i got to say, he's just a friend of mean. we talk. i don't worry about what he does. >> i don't think we should be getting our advice about how to handle this situation from dan fess rodman. he was just over there. he is backing this up on a fascial level. but this story is very weird
2:40 pm
considering they're saying some of the people who are executed actually had bibles in their possession. the weirdest part of this story is that the wife of king jong un was in a band with his ex-girlfriend who was executed in this case. what do you think about that when it comes to human rights and talking about, do we get involved or not? they're talking about him being as bath bad as nazi germany? is that not true? dennis rodman is acting like it's a joke from this ex-nba player. >> every theme has a murdering backer. basically, musicians were executed, these are artists. you have to ask, where is the matt damon of the world? celebrities talk about the u.s. being a totalitarian big brother state. north korea remind us that this is how it's done. like it or not, we are still exceptional. there are evil people in this world. a giant alien et greg
2:41 pm
came down and looked at earth, it would go what is this? it would pick up north korea and go, wow! >> a couple places. >> so, bob, given the atrocity here, are you suggesting because there is such a human rights violations going on in north korea, after obama is done bombing syria, maybe he takes the ships, the war shps, heads over to the korean peninsula? >> if i could make a couple comments, first of all, there is a lot of better ways to get rid of your girlfriend, you can move or change your phone number, which is what i have done. the last segment andy and katie admitted any woman that didn't twerk is a liar. the answer is of course not. this is not anything that's new in north korea. if we're going to go in and start a war with north korea, who have significant military power. >> how much military power, how defenseless they are?
2:42 pm
>> good. i think the thing is, you are saying it's been going over a long time. why did time get a pass? >> why does time get a pass? isn't this something considering president obama talks about the reset button with everyone. do you think he should re-visit north korea? we have been flexing our muscles a couple months ago. >> dennis rodman made more progress than president obama has, he won the nobel piece prize t. world is really upi'd down. it's hard to comment on the story as if we know. it's north korea. we don't know anything. besides, he's an evil dictator. i do think there is something about his wife and the fact that his wife new this woman and she later became his mistress the bible, korea an eighth yis state. we don't have power the only leverage is to push china. we owe china money. hillary clinton didn't chastise them, we're a weakened united states. there is not much we can do.
2:43 pm
>> the idea of going off to korea and having china involved that, is a big dole. >> yeah, i think that's among the celebrities here in america are involved. we got to go. next on the side, dana joins us all the way live from the congo. she is giving us an update on her amazing hope and healing in africa. that's after the break. don't go away. ♪
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. >> welcome back now. join us from the congo our good friend dana, the world's largest charity hospital ship. dana, how has it been? okay. it looks like she'll get it. >> all right. you got to love it. >> dana, can you hear me? >> hi. >> go ahead. tell us about your trip. >> i there tell you about my trip. i miss you all terribly.
2:48 pm
it was a long trip to get here to the congo, but it's been an amazing few days on the mercy ship. one thing i want to say so everything clears. this is not a deposit organization. everybody here is a volunteer, everyone, including all of the crew, engineers, nurse, doctors, receptionists. even the hair dresser is on board if you want to get your hair done here. and yesterday at the screening day, they saw 7,000 people come through the line. they gave 4,200 people see a doctor. they will be here the next ten months getting much-needed relief and hope and healing for so many people here. it's the thing that everyone around the world can be very proud. 48% of the volunteers here come from the united states. >> okay. there are delay folks on the audience, she is on skype. we will ask the first question from greg, of course.
2:49 pm
>> dana, i'm a little confused that backdrop behind you, i saw this morning in the green room, green room a in the fox building. this whole thing. i know you wanted to go and do the trip. you didn't want to leave jasper. this is staged in o'reilly studio down the hall. why don't we stop with this bologna and get back over here? >> as soon as i sat down and saw this, i said, i know that greg is going to say something like i look like julie mccoy from the love boat and i'm selling time tickers for fantasy island. >> the bartender. okay. moving right along. andrea has a question here. andrea. >> dana, what has been your most memorable moment so far? i have been following your tweets as so many of your twitter followers and fans have. and they have been awesome. you have been sharing some great pictures. what has been your favorite moment so far? >> well, it's good to hear your voice, i'm glad you are back.
2:50 pm
i look forward to seeing you when i return. i don't know i have a favorite moment. several things stick out to me. one is how patient the people here are. there are many people here in the congo many people here never had access to a doctor or if they did there was no hope for them because the ailments were so difficult. i would say two things, the nurses that go through the screenings, there are some people that cannot help. the way they tell a mother that it is not their fault that their child has a problem but that they are good mamas. that meant a lot to those women to hear that from someone in authority with a uniform on. and also the collaboration of the doctors really amazing. unlike in some places where one might work, no one is mean here. >> dana, i need to interrupt you here because we are short of
2:51 pm
time. >> i want to let you know all of your viewer fans and twitter fans really miss you and respect what you are doing. give us a quick sense of the personal fulfillment. you must be getting something out of this, too, right? >> i think so. i think it is good to get out of your own surroundings and remind yourself that you are not that big a deal. and that there is just a lot of good people here. no one here is talking about mil miley cyrus. >> what about jasper? >> they love jasper. >> it is not even a real dog. >> we all love jasper, too. >> you are going to be here. how can people who are interested in helping mercy ship help? it is all volunteer work and donations. how can people help so the mercy
2:52 pm
ship can keep going and help patients in africa? >> thank you. you can give of your time. you don't have to be a doctor or a nurse. there are a lot of different jobs you can do on the ship. there are resources, donations that help. and the third one is prayer. this is a christian oriented organization. one thing they give to people is prayer. you can see that it makes a difference in people's lives. >> we miss you, kid. i want to see more pictures and video. you can follow her on twitter and check out our web page on one more thing is up next. how mu protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30.
2:53 pm
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still doesn't feel real. our time together was... so short. well, since you had
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progressive's total loss coverage, we were able to replace your totaled bike with a brand-new one. the tank, the exhaust... well, she looks just like roxy! you know, i'll bet she's in a better place now. i'm sure she is. [ ethereal music plays ] [ motorcycle revving ] getting you back on a brand-new bike. now, that's progressive.
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the house of commons we heard voted against the military strike. the british house of commons, thank you, bob. we'll keep you informed. in the meantime free market capitalism under attack. watch
2:57 pm
watch. what that is 50 cities participating in striking, fast food workers striking, mcdonald's, subway, taco bell. the issues, they want $15 an hour up from $7.25 the minimum wage. prices will go up if they get their way. >> this is an amazing, amazing story of love. this photo is of marine jesse cotyl with his wife who he met in rehab. he stabbed on ied and had to get both legs amputated. >> i just hope it can kind of represent overcoming any kind of
2:58 pm
adversity, big or small. and for us it just represents the kind of lady that she is. and she is amazing in every way. >> that is one strong woman, an amazing story of strength. i used it today, dog in the fight. just say do we need to do it? why does it always have to be a fighting dog? how about a hampster? >> you said obama doesn't need a dog in the fight because he ate it. >> the u.s. economy grew at a robust up from 1.7, the view of the republicans and it was led by consumer spending and more exports and less imports.
2:59 pm
despite if you listen to nay sayers we are on a roll. >> first of all, bob -- >> i didn't interrupt you. >> you said you were >> i have never heard the word robust precede 2.5%. dana said the mercy ship is where no one is mean, unfortunately, the five is not that place. the new words added to the dictionary. buzz worthy, likely to arouse the interest and attention of the public. food baby, a protruding stomach caused by eating a large quantity of food. and me yesterday, which is why i am doing this is called revenge. >> it will come back to get you,
3:00 pm
baby. >> we will have to leave it there. thanks for watching "the five." "special report" is coming up next. he will get on that breaking news out of the house of commons. the obama administration lays out its case for taking the country to another middle east conflict. this is "special report." good evening. i'm chris wallace. top administration officials are briefing congressional leaders this evening on their case for launching an attack against syria. secretary of state kerry, defense secretary hagel, national security adviser susan rice and james clapper are all laying out evidence the assad regime was responsible for the

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